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Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)
As reported earlier this month, there was a confirmed case of Canine Influenza in the South Loop. Due to the fact that the "flu bug" seems to still be circulating, we are recommending that dogs stay out of high risk areas for the next four weeks. High risk areas include dog parks, boarding facilities and anywhere else there are groups of dogs. It is still uncertain if the current vaccine cross reacts with the newest strain of the influenza virus. We do have the H3N8 vaccine available if your kennel or groomer requires it. This vaccine is a series of two vaccinations two weeks apart, with coverage starting seven days after the second vaccination. Symptoms of the flu are fever, lethargy, discharge from the nose and coughing. If your dog is showing any of these symptoms please call the office and schedule an appointment and keep him/her away from other dogs. 
If you should have any questions please call our office!


Mary's Cat Manor

Jojo goes to Scotland-

Joanne Pacheco (Jojo) started working at Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital as a veterinary assistant in 2008. Jojo has wanted to become a veterinarian ever since she was a little girl and her dream will come true this summer when she leaves for the University of Edinburgh Royal Dick School of Veterinary Medicine. For as long as we have known Jojo, she has been a tireless advocate of the small, helpless, wounded and sick animals that have crossed her path. She is often found bottle feeding and fostering little kittens and over the years animal rescue has become her passion. Her admirable work with the Mary Stankovich Cat Shelter (see article below) has inspired her to focus her career on shelter medicine and veterinary care for companion animals of low-income families. We want to thank Jojo for all her hard work and wish her the best of luck in Scotland! 


Road to Recovery

The Mary Stankovich Cat Shelter 

Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital is proud of the work that our doctors and staff have contributed towards helping the many neglected and sick cats of Mary Stankovich Cat Shelter. Mary Stankovich was a sweet and loving person whose love of cats unfortunately turned her small shelter, established in 1979, into a hoarding situation. When Mary passed away unexpectedly in November of 2014 she left behind over 110 cats in her home, which was only licensed for 9 animals. Most of the cats were very sick and had not received proper vet care and many of the cats were feral and unapproachable. The sheer volume of cats in a small space had led to deterioration of floors, walls and the general sanitation and cleanliness of the shelter. So far, over the course of the past 6 months, the doctors and staff at Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital have administered much needed medical treatment to 81 cats. Many of the cats had severe respiratory infections, ear mites, ear infections, diarrhea and advanced dental disease. The majority of cats had such intractable dental disease that all their teeth had to extracted. With the help of the Stankovich Trust, Joanne Pacheco (Jojo) one of our dedicated veterinary assistants, has been able to organize a small team of helpers to improve their living conditions by repairing, decontaminating and cleaning of the shelter facility and to care for their daily needs from basic feeding and cleaning, to administering medications. The cats are now slowly but surely on the road to recovery and to date 63 cats have been placed in new homes or shelters with an active adoption mission. The feral cats were spayed and neutered and are now living on a farm in Wisconsin. There are just a few cats left to go and every day there is improvement in their social and health conditions. By July 2015 all the cats are expected to have been place in new homes and the Mary Stankovich Cat Shelter will officially close.