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New Feline Vaccines

The number of rabies cases for felines (outdoors and indoors) is a growing threat in the U.S., now surpassing the number of rabies cases for dogs!
Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce a new safer alternative rabies vaccine specifically for cats. Until now, we have been using the Merial Imrab 3™ vaccine which is a 3 year injectable and is a killed Rabies vaccine.

What is the new vaccine?
The new rabies vaccine we are recommending is the Merial PureVax™ injectable feline rabies vaccine. This new vaccine uses the live canarypox virus, which cannot replicate in mammals.

Why the change?

The non-adjuvanted PUREVAX® vaccine helps protect cats from rabies with reduced risk of injection site reactions and chronic inflammation due to adjuvants. The PureVax™ vaccine does not contain adjuvants, as all other rabies vaccines do. Adjuvants are substances added to a killed vaccine to increase the body's immune response to the vaccine (since the virus is killed and doesn't stimulate an adequate response on its own). Unfortunately adjuvants have been known to cause anaphylactic vaccine reactions, and significantly increase the risk of vaccine associated sarcomas (cancer at vaccination sites) which can occur in cats.

What else is different?

The PureVax™ vaccine is an annual vaccine, but out of Duluth, GA – July 28, 2014 –Merial has announced the availability of PUREVAX® Feline Rabies 3 YR – the newest addition to the only nonadjuvanted line of feline vaccines and the first nonadjuvanted feline rabies vaccine with a 3 year Duration Of Immunity (DOI) to be marketed in the world. However, Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital only carries the 1 yr. PureVax vaccine for cats.


Our recommendation for rabies vaccine in cats is to vaccinate with the Merial PureVax™ vaccine annually for all cats under seven years of age as well as all cats that go outdoors. For cats seven years and older we recommend vaccination with the Merial PureVax™ vaccine every three years unless the cat goes outdoors in which case we would recommend annual vaccination. While we will continue to offer the Merial Imrab 3™ vaccine, we would strongly recommend that you consider the Merial PureVax™ as a safer alternative. Although the annual duration may be an inconvenience, we feel that the peace of mind associated with a safer vaccine is well worth it.